If you are buying a home for sale in White Oak or building one from scratch, Georgia Pools can help you identify the best possible investment when it comes to affordable luxury in-ground pools and custom-built spas.

Georgia Pools also has a handle on eco-friendly custom swimming pools that will be good for the health of you and your family.

Planning a Custom Pool Design in White Oak

Georgia Pools offers a range of features to ensure that your new White Oak pool will be as eco-friendly as possible. Features of eco-friendly pools include energy-efficient pool equipment and pool filtration maintenance packages, as well as eco-friendly LED lighting.

Eco-Friendly Pumps & Filters 

The pool pumps and filters that Georgia Pools recommends and installs are ultra-efficient. They boast a superior hydraulic design and operate at high speeds that won’t spike your electricity bill.

You will also have the option of installing an automatic pool controller that will let you control the equipment that maintains your pool from the comfort of your couch. All you have to do is set the timers and then let the equipment do the rest!

Built-In LED Lights 

Bright and durable, the high-quality LED lights that Georgia Pools install standard in swimming pools are highly efficient and a lot quieter than those pool builders used to install. They also contain a microprocessor that makes the light brighter and makes the equipment more durable.

These superior LED lights can also be installed inside your pool with 100% safety. And if you want to add a bit of magic, you can add color to your lights.

The best part of the LED lights that Georgia Pools installs is that they last a decade longer than other lighting types! So, it’s not just about the environment, they will save you money as well.

The Best Pool Builder for Your White Oak Swimming Pool

Georgia Pools looks for the best, most innovative ideas that enable the company to create services and use products that will save customers money and protect the environment. What more do you need?