Tyrone, GA Custom Pool Builders

If you live in Tyrone, there’s a good chance that you own your own home. And, with the hot, humid summers you experience, if you don’t have one already, there’s a good chance that a swimming pool is at the top of your wish list.

But the million-dollar question is always going to be, what sort of pool to build. More importantly, who will you get to design and build it?

Georgia Pools is an award-winning GA pool company that specializes in affordable, custom-built designs that will suit your Tyrone property.

How to Choose The Best Pool For Your Tyrone Home

Design options for swimming pools are so varied they can be mind-boggling for homeowners, even if you’ve owned a pool before. Size, shape, style, construction methods, and custom features must all be carefully considered.


The bigger your pool, the more it’s going to cost to construct, fill and maintain. But it’s not only about cost. Your outdoor space will also be an important factor when it comes to size.

So, the first step will be to identify where you want your pool to be located. Its primary function will also be an important factor both for size and shape.


If you plan to use your pool for exercise, you’ll want a reasonable length. But a long, narrow, lap-pool doesn’t have to be big.

Small plunge pools are popular, especially in smaller properties. Freeform shapes are popular, but small round, oblong, or rectangular pools can also work.

If entertaining or family relaxation beside the pool is important, a creative design that incorporates water features and/or adjacent patio areas will likely be more attractive.


This is where a good designer will ensure that your pool is head-and-shoulders above the rest. The pros at Georgia Pools will give you ideas, but you’ll need to decide what style appeals to you. This choice will usually be determined by the architectural style of your house and/or the landscaping style of your garden and outdoor features like decks and patios.

Construction Methods

Georgia Pools specializes in shotcrete and fiberglass pools. Both are versatile construction methods that will enable you to have custom features in and around your pool.

Custom Features

There are a myriad of options from waterfalls and fountains to beach entries, tanning shelves, and martini seats.

What Georgia Pools Can Do For You

Georgia Pools is here to help you decide what will meet your needs, lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

Whether you want a stylish plunge pool or expansive pool and spa combination that incorporates an outdoor entertaining space, you can trust Georgia Pools to design and construct the pool of your dreams.