The Keys to Successful Swimming Pool Installation

Issues  come up during swimming pool installation that require last minute adjustments. Shane LeBlanc does everything possible to keep the client from experiencing these frustrations. It is through having a system in place that promotes a smooth transition between the sale and construction that makes for a successful installation. Plus, the experience is much more pleasant for all involved.

Improving the Client Experience

Some events can be unavoidable. What a client doesn’t want is last-minute surprise expenses, such as dirt hauling or retaining walls. A good pool construction company will ensure there is no breakdown in the inground swimming pool installation process. This means doing a thorough evaluation of the land and what is going to be needed to complete the installation without any hidden costs. This means that there are no last-minute surprises, confidence in the builder can stay high, frustration is eliminated, and unnecessary delays are avoided.

There should also be no unexpected labor or material costs, no layout changes, and the relationship between the construction staff remains healthy.

A Thorough Planning Meeting

It is very important to ensure a thorough planning meeting with the client. A meeting will also occur with the construction team. When the client knows what to expect, they have peace of mind and confidence in the pool construction company. When the construction team knows what their responsibilities are, they are able to do a much better job.

Yes, last minute changes happen. In fact, they happen often. This doesn’t mean that the process has to be made harder for the client. It also doesn’t mean that the client has to be met with surprises. That is something Shane LeBlanc strives for. The idea is to ensure a pleasant experience, which is why the following must occur:

  • The planning meeting should occur soon after the sale.
  • The meeting should never be rushed.
  • The weather should be good at the time of the meeting. This meeting may require walking the install site.
  • All decision makers should be present. Homeowners can make certain decisions during this meeting.

This is a good opportunity to talk about expectations and what is going to happen to the yard during installation. Basically, you and your builder will talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of swimming pool installation.

Let’s Talk about Swimming Pool Installation

When thinking about having a luxury swimming pool installed, it is time to start talking about swimming pool installation. By having this discussion with an experienced and talented pool builder, you can realize your dream of having a getaway in your backyard. To learn more, call Shane LeBlanc at 678-519-1501or email info@georgiaaquatics.com to schedule a free consultation.

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