Golf and swimming may not immediately appear to have a lot in common. But there’s a good chance that homeowners who live in the Summer Grove Golf Club area appreciate their home comforts, including a well-built, custom swimming pool.

If you are new to the area and are opting to build a new pool or spa, what you’re going to need is an established pool company that offers the best value for money.

Georgia Pools’ consultants have a wealth of experience that will help ensure that you make the very best investment when you decide to build a new pool. Choose from shotcrete or fiberglass construction methods, and add as many (or as few) features as you want.

How to Assess Your Custom Swimming Pool Needs

Before you decide which pool company to hire for your Summer Grove swimming pool build, it makes sense to be clear in your own mind in terms of what you want.

Your first decision will be the pool construction method used. Then you will need to decide which, if any, features you want to include in your pool design.

Pool Construction Methods for Summer Grove Pools

Georgia Pools specializes in both shotcrete (blasted concrete) swimming pools and factory-molded designs. Both are equally strong, but they have their own more specific advantages.

White shotcrete pools can be constructed to any size and shape, the fiberglass pools that Georgia Pools offers are limited to the shapes and sizes of the factory molds. Fiberglass pools are easier to maintain and keep clean because the ultra-smooth fiberglass surface doesn’t allow algae to get a grip.

How Will Your GA Custom Pool Accommodate Your Lifestyle?

Maybe you are a golfer, maybe you aren’t, but if you value exercise, you might prefer to invest in a long, narrow lap pool rather than a small plunge pool A lap pool will enable you to actually swim up and down, and help you to get fit, while a plunge pool will simply keep you cool … and probably happy in summer!

If you enjoy entertaining, this is another factor that it is essential for you to take into account. It is a proven fact that a swimming pool can become the hub of your outdoor living area. It can become a place to sit, and if it incorporates an outdoor kitchen, the best-ever place to eat and drink with friends and family.

The Georgia Pools Difference

It doesn’t matter whether the Georgia Pools consultants play golf or enjoy swimming. They all know about swimming pools and spas and can help you ensure that when you opt to build a pool in Summer Grove that it will maximize your investment.

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