Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Fiberglass Pool

If you already have a fiberglass swimming pool and it is aging or having problems, you may be considering replacing it with concrete. However, you still may be wrestling with whether or not replace your fiberglass pool or go for the repair. There are some things to consider, especially if you’re not currently satisfied with your backyard setup. If you’re not satisfied, that’s okay because there are options.

Common Fiberglass Pool Problems

There is no doubt that colored fiberglass pools are beautiful. They add a great deal of appeal to the backyard. However, there are some issues that can come about that you need to be aware of. Those issues are:

1. Repair colors may not match existing color

If a fiberglass pool needs a repair, it can be very difficult to match the repair color to the existing color. Although most manufacturers offer a wide range of colors, this can be quite a challenge.

2. Fiberglass pools can get spider cracks in the gel coat

You may find this to be the reason to replace your fiberglass pool because the spider cracks aren’t very attractive. They aren’t necessarily structural because it’s only in the thin gel coat and not the laminate. These cracks occur when there is pressure on a part of the pool where the gel coat is unable to flex. Spider cracks can also occur during the shipping and installation process because the coat is so thin.

3. Bulging Pool Walls

This can occur because of the backfill material used during the installation process. Sand is a common backfill material, but it can press against the walls if it becomes saturated with water. Fiberglass can flex, although it’s designed to keep its form because it is full of water. Areas with high water tables can be a cause for this. A concrete pool is another way to avoid this.

Talk to an Experienced Pool Designer to Replace Your Fiberglass Pool

If you are ever in doubt about whether or not to replace your fiberglass pool, it is best to talk to an experienced pool builder. You can get the answers to your questions and weigh replacement against repair. Call Shane LeBlanc today at 678-519-1501 to request a free consult

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