Pool Heaters



A heated pool or spa can be quite relaxing and it’s something you may want after a long day at work. A digital or electric pool heater can help set your pool or spa to the temperature you find most comforting. With a pool heater, you don’t have to constantly monitor the pool’s temperature because it automatically maintains your desired heat level. When the temperature in your pool or spa drops, the heater automatically turns on and raises the temperature back to your desired level. When the required temperature is reached, the heater turns off automatically as well.


Digital Pool and Spa Heaters are quite efficient in the sense they are high energy which means they heat your pool quickly, and eventually it will cost you less over time. The digital heaters are designed such that they occupy little space but are still capable of working hard. They blend well into your backyard and are extremely easy to use. Here are some features of a Digital Pool and Spa Heater.

  •   Thermostat : The heater’s thermostat is controlled by a microprocessor that you can easily adjust. It has a digital display that shows the current temperature and the temperature you want your pool or spa to be at.
  •   Onboard Diagnostics : This feature helps you troubleshoot any problems that may occur with the device.
  •   Remote Control : It’s your pool so your rules. The remote control allows easy integration with the simplest of control systems to the most complex control systems of your pool or spa.
  •   Self-Adjusting Burners : The burners of the heating system are made up of stainless steel that burn in a clean and efficient manner. It also helps control gas pressure when it isn’t stable.
  •   Wind-resistant : The design of the Digital Pool and Spa Heater is such that it runs efficiently even when it’s windy outside, which means regardless of the weather, your pool will remain heated.


Electric heat pumps are another way to heat your pool and spa. It makes for a more economical choice and saves you money while you enjoy your pool and spa all year long. The electric heat pump is environmentally safe and performs really well. It works by transferring heat from the heat pump from the outside air to your swimming pool or spa.

Installing the electric heat pump is fairly straightforward because there is no need to install a gas line or bring in propane storage tanks. The thermostat for the electric heat pump is the same as you would normally find in a house for controlling the air conditioner or heater. Some features of the electric heat pump are:

  •   Heat Exchanger : This feature heats your pool much faster and in an efficient manner.
  •   Compressors : The compressor of the electric heat pump is much quieter than regular compressors and is also energy efficient.
  •   Dual Thermostats : The option of two thermostats is there if you want to independently control the temperature of your pool and spa.


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