Lighting Extras by Custom Swimming Pool Builders

It is good to have a well-lit pool through innovative lighting design offered by custom swimming pool builders. You have to have lighting if you intend on using your pool at night, but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can have lighting that is well-planned and exciting that takes your pool, yard, and overall landscape to a whole new level safety-wise and aesthetically.

With that said, it is good to know what your swimming pool light feature options are. That way you can make an informed decision about what you want. before telling your custom swimming pool builders The following are some of the lighting extras that you can have integrated into and around your pool.

Moon Lighting

Moon lighting creates a serene atmosphere when spending time outside at night. You can relax, swim, or entertain under this type of lighting. By having the fixtures submerged into the pool, illumination is created. However, you may need additional lighting to ensure comfort and safety. Moon lighting isn’t necessarily meant to “light the way,” but is more of an accent that looks great and illuminates the inside of the pool.

Other places for moon lighting include in tree canopies or tree-mounted. There is something very pleasing about soft lighting illuminating the trees. Combining uplighting and downlighting can create a great effect that is very comforting.

Fiber-Optic and LED Lighting

new lighting technologies offer some nice alternatives to traditional swimming pool lighting. Fiber-optic lights can generate a soft and uniform effect and can be strategically placed in and around the pool.

LED lights are making quite the splash these days with the different colors that are available. They come in different intensities and can be submerged or placed outside of the pool. LED is known for not getting hot to the touch and their longevity.

Path and Step Lighting

If you have steps and paths throughout your backyard, path and step lighting can make the walkways safer. This is a type of lighting that shouldn’t be overused, so keep in mind that less is more. This is something that many swimming pool builders know and something that Shane LeBlanc definitely knows when creating your path and step lighting plan.


You can have a wall of light added to your backyard or lights up in the trees. Uplighting is lighting that is up high, yet it creates a specific ambiance down below. Any of the aforementioned lighting types can be used or another type offered by custom swimming pool builders.

Ask Your Custom Swimming Pool Builders about Custom Lighting Today!

Shane LeBlanc can integrate many elements into your swimming pool, including custom pool lighting. All you have to do is ask. From water features and fire features to beautiful landscaping, it can all be yours. All you have to do is call 678-519-1501 to request a free estimate and learn about how your backyard can become the ultimate getaway.

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