Whether you’ve been living in Haralson for decades or have just built your own home in the county, there’s a good chance you are considering building a swimming pool. After all, there are, on average, 217 sunny days in Haralson every year. That’s good swimming weather in anyone’s language!

But will it be a plunge pool that takes up little space and provides the perfect opportunity to cool off when it’s hot? Or will it be a long, narrow, lap pool that doubles for cooling off and keeping fit? If you enjoy entertaining or spending time with family and friends, perhaps it’s more important for you to design a pool that is the focal point of an outdoor living area.

It doesn’t matter whether you know exactly what you want, or whether you are stuck for ideas, Georgia Pools is here to help. The company specializes in creative swimming pool and spa tub design and will help you decide what will suit your lifestyle, aspirations, and budget.

Choosing the Best Design for Your Haralson Pool

Georgia Pools is a custom pool builder with loads of experience when it comes to constructing affordable shotcrete and molded fiberglass swimming pools and spas.

But you won’t find one distinctive style that stands out, because each and every pool in the company’s impressive portfolio was created to meet the demands and desires of individual customers.

Some pools are big, some are small. Some are freeform while others are beautifully symmetrical. Some have internal features including down-to-earth rockeries or stylish water-swishing fountains, spillways, bubblers, or rimflows.

Pool surrounds are another vital part of any pool design, and the experienced consultants at Georgia Pools will make suggestions based on experience and knowledge of what works best where.

Cobblestones, flagstones, brick paving, and tiles are all popular options, but they need to be non-slip and flat to avoid accidents.

The question is, what suits your style and your home environment? What are you looking for?

Which Pool Construction Method Will Suit You Best?

Both shotcrete and fiberglass are versatile, cost-effective materials for affordable luxury in-ground pools and spas.

Shotcrete is similar to gunite and it involves blasting a strong concrete mix under and over steel reinforcing rods that line the walls of the pool. Georgia Pools uses this method for any shape or size pool and coats the concrete with a long-lasting waterproof finish in a color of your choice.

Just as strong as shotcrete, one-piece factory-molded fiberglass pools and spas are lowered into a pre-dug hole the shape of the mold, and bedded on sand. The gap between the fiberglass lining and hole is then filled with earth and compacted well.

There are definite pros of both methods, and your Georgia Pools consultant will talk you through these.

Choosing the Right Haralson, GA Custom Pool Builder

Whether you know what you want or need a lot of guidance, Georgia Pools is the right company to talk to about the best affordable custom pools in Haralson.

Call today and schedule a consultation to get your free quotation.