Georgia Designer of Innovative Pools

Shane LeBlanc is a successful Georgia designer of innovative pools and spas. A highly knowledgeable landscape designer, as well as an award-winning pool designer, Shane’s innovative pools have been featured in numerous magazines and other publications.

As owner and lead designer of Georgia Pools, he has loads of experience and is constantly in search of new, exciting ideas.

Georgia Pools’ Design of Innovative Pools

The innovative pools Shane LeBlanc designs are vast and varied. They range from tiny splash pools to expansive eco-pools and long, narrow geometric pools that a perfect for exercise and training.

Custom features include exotic rock waterfalls and arcing jets of water, imaginative beach entries, stunning spillways, and vanishing edges, as well as built-in tanning shelves where you can soak in the sun.

The innovative pools created by this talented Georgia designer are typically eco-friendly too. Pool equipment is highly efficient, operating more quietly and cutting down on electricity costs. Filtration options also have the health of you and your family uppermost.

Bright LED lighting is a popular option that improves safety and adds to the ambiance of the pool area. Not only do LED lights conserve energy, but they also last about 10 times longer than traditional incandescent lights.

Types of Innovative Pools

Georgia Pools specialize in concrete and fiberglass swimming pools, all of which can be customized to create the most innovative pools imaginable.

  • Concrete Pools

Concrete pools may be poured or cast-in-place, or shaped over a reinforced steel framework using a shotcrete process. Either way, durability is increased by applying a waterproof interior finish that makes the swimming pool easy to maintain. Tiles and mosaic may also be incorporated in the finish of innovative pools built by Georgia Pools.

Concrete pools are incredibly versatile because methods of construction are not limited by size or shape. The interior finish is available in many different colors which also adds impact to design possibilities. Whether you want a contemporary classic with straight geometric lines or curved freeform shape with flowing lines that snake through your yard, Shane will design your pool to make the most of your home environment.

Some of Shane’s most innovative pools include infinity edge and deck-level perimeter overflow pools, as well as pools that incorporate hot water spas.

Although it is possible to have a fiberglass infinity pool, this type of design is usually incorporated in a concrete pool. When you look across the pool, the water seems to literally vanish over the edge, into infinity. They work particularly well when there is a natural forest, mountains, or a sea view beyond the pool.

Perimeter overflow pools are a relatively new concept and, unlike infinity pools that feature water flowing over one side of the pool, they overflow on all four sides.

  • Fiberglass Pools

While fiberglass swimming pools can certainly be customized, shapes are limited by the molds Georgia Pools uses. The company does though have a wide range of shapes and sizes from which to choose.

The inside surface of fiberglass pools is finished with a super-smooth gel coat that is available in different colors.

Fiberglass pools may be customized in various ways, for instance with steps, seats, tanning ledges, and cascades. Inlaid mosaics and tiles may be incorporated on steps and seats.

Georgia Pools Favors Innovation and New Ideas

The team at Georgia Pools makes it their business to keep up with new, innovative ideas that enable the company to provide products and services that save our customers money and keep the environment safe.

If you’re in the market for a new pool, Shane LeBlanc is the Georgia designer of innovative pools you should contact now on 678-519-1501 to organize a consult.

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