What Is Included In The Initial Cost Of Purchasing A Pool?

When you contact GEORGIA POOLS, we will provide you a thorough breakdown of all the costs that are incurred when building and maintaining of an inground swimming pool. The breakdown will include the cost of the materials, the water features you want, equipment and the overall size of the pool area. The basic price of an inground pool will also vary depending on the ease of access, local and federal requirements of pool building, backyard landscape, demolition (if needed) and permit costs.

The initial cost will mostly include the ‘hardscape’. Hardscape is everything that is placed around the pool, such as the material of your deck, patios, waterfalls, gazebos, planter walls and any other feature you desire to have in your outdoor space. The main cost of the swimming pool is driven by the customization features you employ and the total budget you want to spend on the design of your new inground swimming pool.