Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Size

Your Atlanta swimming pool designer can tell you what swimming pool size will fit your yard, but it is up to you to decide what size is right for you? If you ask how big your pool should be, your yard and your vision for it will be the designer’s guide. If you are torn on whether or you should go big or small, there are a number of things to consider, such as what purpose you want the pool to serve and the desired shape.

So how do you know exactly what size you want?

How do You Plan on Using the Pool?

This is a very important question. If you want a really large pool, ask yourself why you want it. If you want a small pool, ask yourself the same question. Then you want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Will anyone be doing laps in the pool? If someone is going to be using the pool as a lap pool, you want to ensure it is large enough.
  • How much of a patio do you want around the pool and what else do you want to be a part of your outdoor living space? If you want a large patio, that is going to reduce the swimming pool size. If you want a garden, walkways, an outdoor fireplace, or other elements, those are going to take space as well.
  • Will there be other elements in the yard, such as a swing set for the kids?
  • How often do you plan to entertain? How many people will you be entertaining on average?
  • Is it possible that the family will grow over the years?

These are some of the questions to ask yourself. Of course, you will need to ask yourself questions specific to your property and situation. The point of asking yourself these questions is so you don’t have regrets later. However, you can have your pool remodeled if a time comes that you need a change of scenery. People all around Atlanta and all of Georgia opt for remodel because tastes change over time. When yours changes, you don’t have to “deal” with a choice that was made long ago.

Ready for the Right Swimming Pool Size? 

If you’re ready for the right size pool, it is time to contact an experienced Atlanta pool designer and pool builder. Shane LeBlanc builds quality high-end pools that are one-of-a-kind. To learn more, call today at 678-519-1501 or email info@georgiaaquatics.com.

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