5 Luxury Swimming Pool Trends

It’s amazing the many luxury swimming pool trends that are at play throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and all over the country. Knowing what is hot can help you decide what you want to include in your pool project. It is very important that you tell your pool designer what you want in your dream pool so they can include those items in the plans for the pool and the surrounding environment.

Some of the hottest trends right now include:

  • Colorful tile (such as glass)
  • Pool chillers and warmers
  • Fire bowls
  • Tanning ledges
  • Outdoor kitchens

Of course, the list can go well beyond the five that are listed above, but these five have proven to be quite hot in 2016.

Pool Tile

Pool tile can be colorful to match your tastes and to create a great visual effect. Glass tile is becoming increasingly popular because of the possibilities. Glass tile can be placed around the six-inch band that can go along the waterline of the pool or the tile can go much further than that. It is entirely up to you how you want your tile to be placed and where.

Pool Chillers and Pool Warmers

You can add a pool chiller or pool warmer (heat pump) to your swimming pool. What you do depends on how cool or how warm you like your water. It also depends on what sort of use you want to get out of your pool. If you want to use it further into the fall, you may want a heat pump, or warmer. If the water tends to get too warm during the summer, you may want a chiller to cool the water down.

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are becoming a hot trend because they are a high-end feature that looks beautiful. It is one of those fire features that can require a lot of planning, so you want to ensure your pool builder knows that you want fire bowls from the very start.

Tanning Ledges

Tanning ledges are areas around the pool that are under a foot or less of water. They can also be in the pool. This is a great way to tan without being totally submerged in the water. These areas are also good for when you have small children that should be wading rather than venturing further out into the pool.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are popular additions to luxury swimming pools because they bring the indoors outdoors. You can spend more time around the pool, cook full meals, and enjoy those meals on the patio. These kitchens are great for entertaining. Instead of having to move in and out of the house, you can have everything needed right there.

Talk to a Luxury Swimming Pool Builder

If you are ready to talk to a luxury swimming pool builder about the pool of your dreams, Shane LeBlanc will discuss your vision and talk to you about the different options available to you. The end product will be an outdoor living space that defines you, your tastes, and your desire for luxury. Call today at 678-519-1501 to request a free consultation.

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